it must have been a lot of people are using blue screen Windows 7 will often encounter failure, one of the blue screen will show the different because of the different error code, the meaning of each code and the solution is different, such as there are a lot of people have encountered when turning blue screen, the blue screen x00000f4 code is 0, so want to do? Along with the small make up to learn about the Windows 7 computer turn blue code 0 x00000f4 how to solve it.

blue screen fault graph:

Windows 7 boot turn blue code 0 x00000f4 how to solve

root cause analysis: blue screen code 0 x00000f4 may be a hardware failure appeared, generally may be the result of failure hard disk or memory, but also not sure, sometimes there are a few other reasons, the proposal with the following steps to eliminate and solve problems.

1, check whether there is a recently reinstall or upgrade the driver or the BIOS, it may be the result, the driver is not compatible uninstall reshipment original drivers, especially the video card, motherboard driver;

2. If you run the software lead to error, suggest to reinstall the software and confirm whether the problem, if can't compatible with this software system, you can need to uninstall and replace operation;

3, check to see if there is other software running at the same time, leading to conflict or host configuration memory is too small lead to out of memory or depletion (try to increase the memory to confirm and solve problems).

4, ruled out after 3 o 'clock before, then it may be a hardware problem, to determine whether to a hardware failure, suggested format the hard disk, reinstall the system, look to whether normal, eliminate viruses and system related to fault;

5, the main check hard disk and memory, and check whether memory metal oxide, if the installation of two or more memory, without a root, or change the memory slot, other motherboard, power supply, heat dissipation, and so on and so forth will also screen.

about Windows 7 boot turn blue code 0 x00000f4 how to solve the small Windows 7 had to share with you here, have a blue screen failure to write down the code blue screen, don't know the meaning of the query code can use Windows bluescreen code query tools and suit the remedy to the case to solve the meaning of oh, want to be able to help you solve this kind of problem.

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