Some netizens reflect the 32-bit Windows 7 says he can't use 4 g of memory. Actually a 32-bit Windows 7 and Windows vista are not allowed to use 4 gb of memory, that ever let the 32-bit Windows 7/vista also use 4 g of memory? The answer is yes, but do so is likely to damage the system stability.

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the third step in order to choose right click my computer → Property → Advanced system Settings → Start and fault recovery → Set up → You can choose the crack starting system, the following figure.

the restart the computer, in the choice after my computer properties, identified into 4 gb of ram, as shown in the figure below.

but here is a reminder: to do so will result in system instability, is likely to result in system often blue screen without a cause, or a startup anomaly, etc. Because Readyfor 4 gb of this software is to crack Windows PAE kernel file ntkrnlpa. Exe, bypass ZwQueryLicenseValue API function of licensing restrictions, make 32-bit x86 Vista/Windows 7 support more than 4 gb of physical memory. Still needs to verify whether it is in order, and the software instructions on blue screen phenomenon that is part of the old driver does not support more than 4 gb of memory addressing, leading to not work properly, even the blue screen of death. Please set up the system error report generation memory archived file *. DMP, analysis of DMP, find out which driver has a problem, update, or disabled. Part of the main board of the additional functions will not support 4 gb and caused a blue screen. Blue screen with Windows, and no direct relationship between the patch. Windows Vista/7 itself fully support more than 4 gb of memory. On the same hardware in 2003 or 2008 will appear the same problem.#0 - #

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