Believe everyone has such a feeling, watch a video has a 30 second AD, let a person very uncomfortable. Also for front end between us, in order to attract users, making a good video embedded in web pages, and the result has 30 seconds for video advertising not only didn't attract many users, but may lose part of the user, will feel uncomfortable. I will introduce two kinds of ads code below:

the first one is common, but there is something wrong with the recently discovered, using this method is not recommended) :

code is as follows:

<Embed SRC="" quality="high" width="480" height="400" type="applicati>
code is as follows:

<embed SRC=" VideoIDS=XNTk1MzQ1OTky & WinType=adshow&IsAutoPlay=false "quality=" high "width=" 480 "height=" 400 "type=" applicati>

This concludes the body part